The Style Lucid Nail Care (Nail Essential Oil)

The Style Lucid Nail Care (Nail Essential Oil)

Price: $ 5.00 / VIP Price: $ 4.00
Make sure your nails are getting enough nutrients!
The Essential Oil helps maintain healthy nails.
It includes Vitamin E Acetate, which keeps nails moisturized.
Apply onto clean, unpolished nails.
Can also be applied on dry areas around nails.
Let dry and gently massage nails.

Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Almond Seed Oil, Vitamin E Acetate

Ratings & reviews

23:37 09/10/2012
I just started using this on my nails. So far i haven't a big difference yet but for the sale price i paid i don't regret getting it.
02:46 12/23/2011
good treatment for nails ...n love da brush <3
02:12 06/23/2011
15:52 07/11/2010
For those with brittle, nasty cracking nails, this is a must! After you remove nail polish, wear this for a while, then wipe off. I recommend wearing this on your 'break from polish' days for extra conditioning. It contains natural oils to benefit the health of your nails. I wear polish all the time and this helps keeping my nails healthy and pretty.