The Style Nail Quick Dryer

The Style Nail Quick Dryer

Price: $ 9.00 / VIP Price: $ 7.20
This Quick Dryer Spray helps dry your polished nails.
Silicon Oil helps speed up the drying process.
Keratin and Collagen smoothens and keeps nails healthy.
Natural Seed Oils give dry nails and cuticles the nutrients they need.
The Spray is transparent, unscented, and hypo-allergenic.
Remove cap from pump.
Spray 2-3 times onto painted nails from a distance of approximately 15cm.

Natural Seed Oil (Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Almond Seed Oil)
Keratin, Collagen, Silicon Oil

Ratings & reviews

10:37 06/13/2012
30ml. It says "includes Keratin and Collagen". Actually It works very well for me. I usually have a trouble to do nail by myself but now Quick Dryer is helping me a lot!
09:22 06/16/2011
It would also be nice if they could list a description of the item. I would love to work for the website and do this. I used to do it for the e-mails along with the price description read-outs when I was a manager for the Missha stores.
23:12 05/29/2010
I really wish that misha would list ingredients and volume