M Prism Bright-On Auto Powder SPF 35 / PA+++

M Prism Bright-On Auto Powder SPF 35 / PA+++

Price: $ 40.00 / VIP Price: $ 32.00
SIZE : 9.5g
M Prism Bright-On Auto Powder SPF 35 / PA+++
An illuminating mineral glow powder with a vibrating puff applicator.

The puff applicator vibrates at 13,000 pats per minute to perfect the art of even application of the fine micro bead powder. The powder contains Pearl Conchiolin and 7 White Flower Complexes to brighten uneven and dull skin for a flawless, sleek and clear finish. The M Prism Bright–On Auto Powder is available in two shades.
Step 1: Take an appropriate amount of powder onto vibrating puff applicator and apply it on forehead, cheek and chin in a stamping motion.

Step 2: Turn on the vibrating puff applicator and apply the powder evenly on face.

Step 3: Turn off the vibrating puff applicator to stop.

* Use the enclosed protective film inside the product to keep the applicator and powder portion separated.

Micro Bead Powder: Fine and even ball shaped powder to express soft and sleek makeup by filling in the uneven curves of the skin.

Natural Mineral Glow Powder: Natural Mineral Powder to provide a natural luster to the face.

Brightening Powder: Pearl Powder containing Pearl Conchiolin to provide moisture and brighten skin.

Moist Sponge Powder: Contains unsaturated fatty acid to absorb Inca Omega oil to make smooth skin.

White Flower Complex Complex of 7 flowers, White Rose, Freesia, Edelweiss, Jasmine, Lily, Iris and Lotus to make the skin moisturized and vivid.

Ratings & reviews

10:18 11/16/2013
My mom got me this product and I LOVE the applicator. The product glides on smooth on my face and it looks flawless :) I have oily skin (in my T zone) and it helps to control it
17:04 06/28/2013
how do you clean the applicator to eliminate bacterial growth? that is important to avoid pimples
17:08 12/17/2012
I love this! I saw this featured on youtube and was so excited when it started being sold. I really gives you an airbrushed finish. One of my friends who is a makeup artist loved it as well.