Pure Source Sheet Mask

Pure Source Sheet Mask

Price: $ 2.00 / VIP Price: $ 1.60
SIZE : 21g
100% Pure Cotton Sheet Mask with serum derived from natural ingredients.

-Aloe: soothes and moisturizes with Aloe Extract
-Lemon: sebum and pore care with Lemon Extract
-Raspberry: nourishes and firms with Raspberry Extract
-Caviar: nourishes and firms with Caviar Extract
-Olive: moisturizes and nourishes with Olive Extract
-Sea Kelp: nourishes and vitalizes with Sea Kelp Extract
-Green Tea: hydrates and brightens with Green Tea Extract
-Pearl: brightens and vitalizes with Pearl Extract
-Tea Tree: anti-trouble with Tea Tree Extract
-Pomegranate: vitalizes and firms with Pomegranate Extract
-Honey: moisturizes for radiating skin with Honey Extract

*All Missha products are labeled with manufacturing dates however, sheet masks and retinol products have been labeled with expiration dates since late 2012. Please note that all sheet mask products manufactured before late 2012 have manufacturing dates printed on them.
After washing face, prepare skin with Toner.
Unfold and spread sheet mask over face.
Remove after 15-20 minutes and gently pat to fully absorb remaining essence.
Use 2-3 times per week.

Extracts from natural ingredients:
Aloe, Lemon, Raspberry, Caviar, Olive, Sea Kelp, Green Tea, Pearl, Tea Tree, Pomegranate, Honey

Ratings & reviews

02:09 11/21/2013
My favorite is the tea tree mask, which is meant for problem (blemish prone) skin. It doesn't fix anything, but it leaves the skin extremely hydrated and soft without breaking me out. I like the honey skin mask for when my skin is particular dry, like during the winter.
23:51 11/20/2013
I don't know if that's just me... but this mask is GIANT! :(
20:42 11/20/2013
These $2 masks work great for me. Especially caviar, green tea, olive, pearl, pomegranate, raspberry, tea tree are above my expectation. I recommend to get many at one time to save shipping cost and consistently and routinely use them.
00:17 11/18/2013
I got this mask as a promotion and wasn't in a big rush to use them but then one night I decided to give it a try and they are quite good. I used aloe one and it was nice on my skin and after a couple a minutes I folded it in half and put it on my neck . Next day my skin was nice and fresh looking , no irritation or breakouts after this one . I will try some more in the future.
18:05 11/17/2013
These masks are amazing. I used to use a sheet mask that I had to use my own toner or essence with. I love that these arlready come with essence and I don't have to do it myself. I use it once a week and it leaves my skin soft and a little moisturized. After I use the mask, I wipe my face with it and I even see a little dirt that my toner and cleanser didn't pick up. My favorite by far is the Pearl - really good for blemish prone and sensitive skin like mine.
14:10 11/16/2013
I really these masks. I use mask once a week. it does not break me out. My skin feels soft, moisturized after this.
18:20 11/15/2013
I really love these mask! I use them three-four times a week. My favorites are the honey, green tea, and the lemon. The lemon really does help with blemishes. Honey & raspberry smell amazing. All leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.
17:59 11/15/2013
I've tried all of the Missha pure source masks and i love them all. My favs would probably be the green tea and honey masks.
00:17 05/13/2013
tried every type and seriously ALL of them broke me out :( wouldn't reccomend to acne prone skin ladies!!
22:49 03/14/2013
I'm thinking of buying the lemon and tea green masks, which one do you recommend me?
22:48 03/14/2013
the toner it's really important to use before the mask or you can use the mask without it?
11:56 12/30/2012
I tried the honey one once and it did make my face soft but not anything major, the mask didnt seem to stick very well and kept falling off?
10:43 06/23/2012
I used a boatload of these about a year ago and my acne cleared up tremendously. I was thinking that it was due to another treatment I was trying. I'm not sure if it's the combination of the two but I tried the green tea again last night and my complexion looks so much more even today. Missha, you might have just made a lifelong customer!
20:33 06/02/2012
It is so fun to use these. I like the honey one best.
11:36 05/21/2012
This was the first sheet mask I have ever used, normally I just use the clay but I like this a whole lot better. I used the tea tree, it didn't dry my face like clay & it left it feeling soft and my skin looked really good after removing it. It has a nice fresh scent to it that isn't overpowering when you are wearing the mask. All in all I really enjoyed it! I highly reccomend it and I will deffinately buy again. : )
02:54 04/25/2012
what's about Pearl?? is it good?
00:27 03/30/2012
First time using a sheet mask. I used the raspberry mask. The mask was very wet and smelled fresh. It was big on my face but folding it on the sides and around my jaw made it fit well enough. It had a nice cool, tingly feeling while on.After removing my skin felt sticky but felt more soft and dewy as it dried.Overall I really liked it
02:46 03/21/2012
I love the honey one, it's really amazing!!
02:18 03/14/2012
Honey does wonders for my skin!
23:32 02/21/2012
I love caviar, sea kelp, honey, and raspberry the most :D
22:10 02/16/2012
I love tea tree, pearl, and honey !
02:19 02/14/2012
@ivyMS it's ramdom pick by Missha but you'll know what you are getting before you submit the order.
02:16 02/14/2012
@bubble-z based on what I have already tried Honey is best for dry skin.
16:41 02/11/2012
do any one know, the 1+1 offer is having free on the same item I bought , or a random item pick by Missha ???
15:48 02/03/2012
Which is best for dry skin
15:24 01/04/2012
This is what the packet says for Sea Kelp: Nourishing & Vitalizing. Pure cotton sheet mask enriched with Sea Kelp extract which contains mineral, vitamin and iodine, makes your rough and fatigued skin moisturized and vitalized while helping control wastes and impurities on the skin to make it clean and clear.
08:31 12/31/2011
For those asking about Sea kelp; it is an underwater plant that contains numerous nutrients and minerals, including Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin B1, B2, B12 and polysaccharides. Even oilier skin types in need of extra moisture and nutrition. Kelp and Pearl are my favorite ones.
17:59 12/16/2011
really nice and cool... i have all 10 different kinds and they all work good. i like to use it when im extra tired and my skin is kinda rough... my skin is soft and silky the next morning
16:45 11/25/2011
Please restock!!!
04:00 11/20/2011
Dear all! Pls advise mask short using instruction in English since I have bought japanese ones.Thanks in advance.
02:07 11/14/2011
Does anyone know what the sea kelp mask is suppose to do?
23:54 09/02/2011
I love tea tree ! smells really good and I can relax ! Also love Pearl.
15:11 06/24/2011
These masks are the reason I love Missha so much! <3 I've used all of them, but honey is my favorite <3 I have like 6 boxes of five here at home!!
13:16 06/10/2011
I brought the 20 and this stuff is amazing, I'm in love with it! It's also like a mini spa lol
22:19 05/07/2011
i bought 20 and i use 2 every week i love the smell of these makes my skin bright and glowing =)
00:48 01/26/2011
I bought all of these sheets but so far I've used the Green Tea and Honey ones. The Green Tea mask is for brightening and moisturizing and it does a decent job at it. Smells nice too. The Honey kind is moisturizing and making your skin glow. It does a good job of that as well. I'm using a honey one as I type this. :)
19:02 01/04/2011
i couldn't find which each type of mask provided. so i bought the 20 pack to find out. aloe is for soothing, caviar is for firming & nourishing, green tea is for moisturizing & brightening, honey is for moisturizing & glowing, lemon is for control sebum & open pores, olive is for nourishing & moisturizing, pearl is for brightening & vitalizing, pomegranate is for control skin aging, raspberry is for firming & nourishing, and tea tree is for anti-trouble.
20:43 12/30/2010
honey smells so fresh, my pores gets tight after. like it. positive feedback!!
18:03 09/16/2010
i used the honey and aloe. aloe didn't really do anything, but the honey was amazing. It rejuvenated my skin and my skin was glowing with a nice complexion for days after using this!
18:55 09/14/2010
I've used the Green Tea so far and it smelled nice and refreshing
00:54 08/31/2010
Please leave your thought here
02:34 07/15/2010
I've only gotten to try the Aloe and Lemon mask and I must say that the Aloe left my skin supple and soft. However, the Lemon didn't really do much for my skin so I probably won't purchase that one again.
13:44 07/07/2010
I've tried all of them; I used them twice a week and they left my skin norished and healthy. I think the continuous use is the key! It's very affordable too.
17:56 06/28/2010
i tried the lemon mask and didnt really like it. it didnt really do anything for my skin. the lemon one says it's to "control sebum and open pores". it would be very helpful if that information was provided so that we know which mask would be best for our skin problems. i think i want to try the honey one next.
07:13 06/16/2010
I tried all of them already, they are all very nice, except pearl and tea tree did not feel so good. great deals, better than a lot of expensive ones!
18:29 04/21/2010
I received these masks for free with the promotion and they are wonderful. It leaves you feeling refreshed and moisturized.
19:47 03/21/2010
I just got my packs, stock up everyone! I like the fact you dont have to go running to get a facial, when you can have one with these face masks!
00:21 03/20/2010
Really want to try them, can I get the weekly deal of 20pcs for 19.90 again?
00:53 03/13/2010
I ordered the Lemon Mask and it was very refreshing! Usually I have dry skin (on my face) but after I used this, my skin was smooth and hydrated!
01:36 02/20/2010
love this product. makes my skin feel so smooth, healthy, and moisturized. I just got the weekly deal of 20 masks for 19.90 and still waiting for it to come. Great and affordable masks.
01:37 02/03/2010
my fav. one so far is the honey. i still need to try the rest though.
13:27 12/23/2009
Very nice for your skin and leaves you feeling refreshed.
eli kim
16:52 09/03/2009
i love the pearl honey and green tea its so refreshingandmy skin looks amazing<3