Real Essential Sheet Mask

Real Essential Sheet Mask

Price: $ 3.00 / VIP Price: $ 2.40
SIZE : 25g
Sheet masks for various needs and areas of concern. The masks have excellent moisture holding power and leaves skin feeling soft. They are made out of Japanese Cupro (high-density pure cotton).

-Ceramide: Intensive Anti-Trouble Care. Treats sensitive skin.
-Coenzyme Q10: Intensive Anti-Aging Care. Firms and vitalizes skin.
-Collagen: Intensive Firming Care. Firms and vitalizes skin.
-Deep Sea Water: Intensive Moisturizing Care. Vital minerals hydrate skin.
-Hyaluronic Acid: Intensive Hydrating Care. Provides moisture to skin.
-Multi Vita: Intensive Brightening Care. Vitamin C helps brighten skin.
-Platinum: Intensive Clarifying Care. Detoxes and protects skin for cleaner and brighter skin.

*All Missha products are labeled with manufacturing dates however, sheet masks and retinol products have been labeled with expiration dates since late 2012. Please note that all sheet mask products manufactured before late 2012 have manufacturing dates printed on them
Prepare skin with Toner after washing face.
Spread sheet mask evenly over face.
Leave on face for 15-20 minutes.
Remove mask and gently pat face to absorb essence.
*Use 2-3 times per week.

Sheets are made out of Japanese Cupro (high-density pure cotton)
Ceramide Essence
Coenzyme10 Essence
Collagen Essence
Deep Sea Water Essence
Hyaluronic Acid
Multi Vitamin Essence, Vitamin C
Platinum Essence

Ratings & reviews

22:48 02/01/2014
I have used the Deep Sea Water mask twice, and it does an amazing job at moisturizing skin. There is ton of essence packed into the cotton sheet, and after I was done using the mask on my face, I wrung it out and squeezed some more out of the packet and probably had enough to cover my entire body. The formulation does make your skin feel extremely soft and smooth; after using the mask my face was glowing. The only critique I have is that the fit is pretty poor, but the material is soft and can be adjusted somewhat to fit your face.
20:55 12/03/2013
I don’t like this mask. the quality is not good. Cannot stand on my face and it does not fit my face too well
23:02 11/16/2013
this mask is amazing, I like CoenzymeQ10 the most since I have oliy and acne prone skin. After I use it scars fade a little bit and for some reason my face gets a little bit paler too. Collagen is good too but mostly just moisturizing.
18:25 11/15/2013
I love this mask. It does not dry like the other masks and it fits much better. My skin is very moist and my pores appear smaller after I use this. Very happy with the results.
04:57 02/18/2013
Received the Platinum mask as a sample. Loved it - it made my skin soft and glowing. Will look into purchasing more.
10:10 10/02/2012
just used CoenzymeQ10 last night and it was so dry! >.< and the sheet looks so yellowish??
19:58 02/16/2012
they usually ship my package in 3-5 days which i received. And they gave me tracking number after they send the package.
00:52 12/11/2011
I love this mask. I'll be posting an in depth review on this mask next week on emsunnie.wordpress.com
01:19 12/01/2011
this looks like a really great mask can't wait to try it <3
j c
00:25 11/24/2011
Took 1-2 weeks to get my items. They don't have tracking. Just be patient. These masks are awesome because its drenched in more than enough liquid to treat your skin. So far I've only tried Ceramide (anti-acne) and Multi-Vita (brightening).
14:03 11/19/2011
for those of u who already purchased before from missha, pls answer me: how long does it take to receive their products? Mine still says its "preparing for shipping"
13:26 09/11/2011
The ceramide, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and coenzyme Q10 were the best for me. Will be continuing to buy them.
11:26 07/11/2011
HORRIBLE! I used the the Collagen mask and it made me breakout terribly! Won't be using Missha's masks again.
20:29 06/30/2011
Def love the Collagen and Hyaluronic acid ones. Haven't tried the others yet.
00:31 03/27/2011
@bluegom, here is what I found. CoEnzyme Q10 is for Intensive Anti-Aging Care. Ceramide is for Intensive Anti-Aging Care. Platinum is for Intensive Clarifying Care. Multi-Vita is for Intensive Brightening Care. Deep Sea Water is for Intensive Moisturizing Care. Hyaluronic Acid is for Intensive Hydrating Care. Collagen is for Intensive Firming Care. Hope this helps.
23:53 02/25/2011
can someone please tell me what each mask does?
23:47 06/23/2010
I'm using the Deep Sea Water mask. It is very hydrating and there's lots of essence. It doesn't dry out. I always use the remaining essence on my arms and etc. The sales told me to use two masks per week, but I'm just using one per week and it's still functioning really well.
11:59 02/11/2010
I tried the multi vita and my mom tried the Coenzyme, and we both loved it. It makes your skin so soft and even brighter!