Unhappy with your current foundation? What would your dream foundation product be like?

Share your foundation woes and wishes below.

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Comment by Lucy
I would love to try this pact. Until recently I have had great, flawless skin. With age it certainly needs all the help it can get....would love to try!
Comment by Gammypeggy
I'm currently on the hunt for a foundation to test out for my dry skin. I need something that's not cakey, and this looks like it could be the one!
Comment by Briana
I'm in the beauty industry and work in a medical spa, so my skin has to look good to represent! I take good care of my skin, but I also live in Hawaii and get lots of sun year-round... so I have some hyperpigmentation and brown spots (thank goodness for lasers and whitening products!). My ultimate dream foundation would contain skincare ingredients to nourish my skin, provide good coverage to further even things out, be buildable to help with those areas needing extra coverage, blend easily and quickly to speed up application, provide a smooth, radiant, healthy finish, not look cakey, feel lightweight and breathable, not oxidize in the Hawaii heat, wear all day without transferring, and have a high spf so I don't have to layer sunscreen. Sounds like I'm asking a lot... but I have faith that Missha can deliver!
Comment by TM
I am your woman to try this new product. If I like it, I will tell all my friends and family.
Comment by ericsonmd
I need some foundation that covers every blemish without feeling oily,heavy or like I'm wearing a cake on my face. I need some good foundation asap
Comment by Baby doll
Always looking to try new makeup and skincare!
Comment by Marie
looking to try new things
Comment by kathy
A perfect foundation would be one that leaves your skin flawless and naturally glowing, that lasts all day!
Comment by catz08
I know this offer might be expired but I still hope i can apply
Comment by Kelli
I will be turning 46 soon. I am always looking for the right foundation and face powder combination. Would like to try your products.
Comment by Xcitemee
I would be a great tester for this product, I work hard and play even harder. So I need a dependible product that has staying power and covers. So I'm here if you need me to try this and shoot you out the tested results.Peace from Grants Pass Oregon.
Comment by Gypsy Mountain Girl

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