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Recommended for :
Those looking for a "your lashes, but longer and fuller" look
Those looking for featherlight lashes that are comfortable enough for extended wear

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Additional Info



Natural-looking false lashes dramatically transform the eyes

#1 Feminine Style

8mm length, black color

#2 Define Eye

10mm length, black color

#3 Baby Cat

8mm length, brown color

#4 Sweet Lady

9mm length, brown color

#5 Cute Fairy

5mm length, brown color

#6 Glamorous

12mm length, brown color

#7 Classic Line

8mm (volume) length, black color

#8 Black Fit

10mm (volume) length, black color

#9 Mini Dress

8mm (volume) length, black color

#10 Deep Smoky

10mm (volume) length, black color

#11 Dolly Eye

8mm (volume) length, brown color

#12 Party Look

10mm (volume) length, brown color

#13 Petit Lash

8mm, 10mm length, black color (28pcs)

Lightweight & Natural-looking

Woven strand by strand for a natural look

Simulates Real Lashes

Each strand is tapered to resemble real lashes

13 Different Styles

Styles to match every eye shape and occasion


1. Using tweezers, remove lashes from case and trim ends to match the length of your eye

2. Run a bead of lash glue along the band and let dry for 10-20 seconds

3. Apply lashes to your lash line, starting from the center, then the ends


Reviews (7)

Customer Reviews (7)

It seems easy to use, but it's notReview by Ingkeum
I used to buy the whole strips of eyelashes for practice but this time, I bought the Petit Lash! I’m a beginner so it's hard for me to apply falsies. I need practice. I bought this with the lash glue. (Posted on 8/31/2016)
The NO.7 Classic Line that makes my eyes defined and bigger. It looks like I got eyelashes extensions!Review by Qtbiny
These lashes were light and the strip was bendable so they stuck well. The lengths of the lashes are the same throughout but there is a combination of thicker and thinner lashes. When I wear them, it looks like I got eyelash extensions. I used them without an eye liner, an eye curler and a mascara but I still got the look I was trying to achieve. They were too long on me, but obviously, you can cut them to your desired length. (Posted on 8/31/2016)
Full Lashes!Review by Hirom
I have this in No.7. They are pretty full. They would definitely be good for people who don’t have enough eyelashes. At first, I thought these lashes were too thick and looked unnatural but they worked for me. I like the design of it because they make my eyes look big. I feel that my lashes are full even though without mascara. The look unnatural when I wear mascara. If you are looking for an item that can make your lashes look longer without mascara, I recommend this product. The only thing that I feel bad is that they were too long so I had to cut them. I wore them about twice and it was good. I will use them again. :) (Posted on 8/31/2016)
MISSHA Salon De Lash No.5 Cute FairyReview by Sunny:)
This product is for lower lashes but the lashes are too long (it is 5mm long) so it feels unnatural. I cut and use them at the ends of my eyes when I am doing a special eye makeup look. (Posted on 8/31/2016)
GoodReview by Ptoptopt
I like them. I bought this in NO.5 eyelash. It is good when I wear a full face of makeup. Will try the other eyelashes! Good! (Posted on 8/31/2016)
natural-looking and comfortableReview by Qtbiny
I got the No.3 Baby Cat. The adhesive line is transparent so it looks like my own lashes. And they're comfortable. I can get the look of bigger eyes with them because the outer parts of the lashes are longer than the inner parts. I didn’t use a curler or mascara and it looked natural. These Baby Cat lashes suit me well. (Posted on 8/31/2016)
you can get the natural cat eyes with these lashes.Review by Hirom
I bought the NO.3. eyelashes. The lashes are light so you can get a natural cat-eye look. I like the design. With this item, your lashes will look fuller without an eyelash curler or mascara. They also make your eyes look wider. I recommend these for people who don’t have enough lashes at the outer corners of their eyes. (Posted on 8/31/2016)

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