Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask

Recommended for :
Age 20s-30s
- those wanting a product that soothes skin texture and helps boost the absorption of following skin care products
- those wanting to relieve skin stress and revitalize the skin
- those concerned about dull complexion and loss of elasticity
- those wanting to improve skin and prevent skin damage

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*All Missha Cosmetics are cruelty free and have not been tested on animals.

Additional Info

Additional Info


The sleeping cream &
essence contains 15% snail slime extract to help relieve skin stress

1. Improves Skin Damage
Contains snail slime extract and botanical stem cell extract to improve damaged skin texture and to provide energy to the skin
2. Hydration Synergy Effect
Contains baobab tree extract and deep sea water to store skin hydration and create firm, moisturized skin
3. Skin Stress Relief
Contains phytoncide & baobab tree extract in place of water to soothe skin and help relieve skin stress while you sleep


At the last step of skincare regimen and before sleeping, get appropriate amount and apply onto face. Leave on overnight.

Snail Skin Treatment > Snail Essential Moisturizer > Snail Cream > Snail Sleeping Mask > Snail Hydro-Gel Mask

Botanical Callus Extract
provides vitality to skin
Deep Sea Water
provides hydration to skin
Baobab Tree Extract
prevents dryness by increasing skin’s ability to retain moisture and activating moisture from within
Snail Slime Extract
improves skin and helps treat skin trouble, dull complexion, loss of elasticity, etc.
INGREDIENTS Phytoncide Water, Snail Slime Extract, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Behenyl Alcohol, Baobab Tree Extract, Cetearyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Centella Asiatica Meristem Cell Culture, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin, Sucrose Polystearate, Sodium Polyacrylate, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sorbitol, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Disodium EDTA, Xanthan Gum, Perfume

Reviews (46)

Customer Reviews (46)

A+++ Review by Brittany
I noticed this product was revitalizing my skin within days. Great mask especially for the price. I would highly recommend this to anyone with damaged or uneven skin tones. (Posted on 9/29/2017)
AwesomeReview by Jade
This sleeping mask is an indispensable part of my night routine. It's hydrating, and doesn't cause break outs. I've purchased this 3 times already! (Posted on 9/24/2017)
Not For MeReview by Sarah
I'm sorry to say I experienced break outs and clogged pores resulting in white heads. This mask however has a pleasant scent and is very moisturizing for the skin, just not my skin! (Posted on 9/23/2017)
Love it!Review by Christie
I had combination to oily prone skin and sometimes it feels dry and looks dull. About twice a week i use this and love the way it feels, smells, and most importantly, works! I have really sensitive skin, so a lot of things break me out. This never has! And makes the dryness go away without adding any extra oil. (Posted on 9/22/2017)
Just Awesome Review by Xeng
I love this!!!! I don't care if it's made with snail slime! The way your face looks and feel the next morning is worth it. This sleeping mask makes my skin so soft and nice the next day. And for me, a little product seems to go a long way. I use this almost every night-that's how much I love this product! The only complaint, it's a minor one, I'm not the biggest fan of the fragrance. The smell doesn't irritate my skin or anything, I just don't like the smell that much. It's a nice smell but I don't prefer it. But I still use and love the mask. (Posted on 9/22/2017)
Skin Renewal Is So ImportantReview by Jena
I love this product. I use it almost every night. Even when I am too tired to wash my face with my other Missha products. Missha says that this product is good for 20-somethings, but as we age we need help with skin turn over to keep that youthful glow. This makes it so easy. (Easier than the sheet masks actually.) (Posted on 9/22/2017)
Not amazing!Review by Christine
This product was so-so! I have dry skin and I break out sometimes. I was hoping this product was more moisturizing and different texture. Wished it was gel-cream rather then cream! (Posted on 9/22/2017)
Good for dry skinReview by Huong
I use this whenever I feel my skin need extra moisture... use it as the last skincare before bed.... love how it feels in next morning !!!! (Posted on 9/22/2017)
Been using this product for few years
Little goes a long way and the skin feels amazing after use
I have been using the product, and after many positive comments, ended up recommending and ordering this product for 5 people of different age
Definitely brightens the face
Older colleague noted that many of her age spots have dissipated after few months of usage
Excellent during winter times, when skin becomes dryer and exposed to heating and other negative elements (Posted on 9/22/2017)
Great moisturizer!Review by NYC
this is my summer moisturizer, not greasy and makes my skin feel so soft the next morning. (Posted on 9/22/2017)
Love This!Review by Patricia
I layer all my normal nighttime skincare, then this mask. In the morning my skin looks amazing. Pores look smaller and my skin looks brighter.

BTW I am older than the suggested age range! (Posted on 9/22/2017)
works well - especially when you're in a rush! Review by Sage
I use this product as part of a 10-step korean skincare regimen, typically layered after serums but before moisturizer, as a substitute for a sheet mask when I don't want to spend an extra 15 minutes getting ready for bed. I have oily skin and this product does not make me break out, which I attribute in part to the fact that I double-cleanse my skin and exfoliate using MISSHA pore cleaning brushes before I apply any products, so I am not trapping any grime or bacteria on the surface of my skin when I layer heavier nighttime creams on. Works as intended, I highly recommend this product! (Posted on 9/22/2017)
Great Sleeping MaskReview by Susan
I love the Super Aqua Snail Renewing Cream so I decided to use this sleeping mask. It works wonders and comes in a tube that's good for traveling (though, yes, you have to put it in a checked bag). Whenever I use it, when I wake up, my skin feels super moisturized and supple. I use this about twice a week.

I love the results. (Posted on 8/10/2017)
Great productReview by Shalyn
I love this product! I use it very often before bed and my skin looks absolutely wonderful in the morning. I was pretty surprised actually because I normally don't notice a lot of difference with products and this one definitely shows a difference in my skin. I highly recommend this. (Posted on 8/4/2017)
UnsureReview by Samantha
I want to love this product because I love snail products, but I didn't realize how low the percentage was when I bought it
It is semi thick (definetly not the heaviest cream I've used) and if I use it too often or apply it too heavily I do think it breaks me out. I've been using it about once a week and applying it very thinly and it's been ok and not breaking me out but I'm also not sure if it's doing anything.
Once I run out of this tube (which is gonna take a while, they do give you a ton of product) I probably will not repurchase. (Posted on 7/13/2017)
Unsure Review by Tori
I am blissfully in love with the entire super aqua snail line, but I have noticed that the sleeping mask may be a little too rich for me, as I seem to break out when I use it. It is a wonderful consistency and carries the same light soothing scent as the rest of the line. Maybe using it once a week as a pampering treat will work. (Posted on 6/21/2017)
Not my holy grail, but a solid hydrating productReview by Lisa
I was so excited to try this cream, because it seemed like everything I love in a heavy-duty moisturizer: ultra thick cream consistency for those really dry winter nights with a dash of all things snail! It also got rave reviews by many of the bloggers I follow. I will say that I did like this product, but I wasn't overly impressed with it. I have VERY dry skin, and while this did boost the moisture level of my skin, I still reach for other Kbeauty products that can do it just a little bit better. I think if you have a normal-type skin, this would really work wonders, but for me personally it was just a bit above average. My favorite Missha products are still the bb and cc creams! (Posted on 12/15/2016)
Great for combo-oily skin; Only complaint: FragranceReview by beth7
I bought this product on a whim while there was the 40% off sale going on in the summer. I had seen good reviews & was interested in trying a "sleeping pack" as I had never bought one or even tried one before. It had gotten recognition on Reddit & a few blogs I read and it had a great rating on the Missha website. I have acne-prone, combination skin. This is very thick, but it hasn't caused any additional breakouts, in fact, my skin just feels hydrated in the morning. It definitely surprised me entirely that this thick product actually didn't cause breakouts at all.

My ONLY COMPLAINT, and I mean ONLY, is that it is VERY HIGHLY FRAGRANCED. Now, it's not a bad scent, it's floral, however, that was the only thing I had to get "used to".

I understand K-beauty or Asian Beauty in general is known for having highly fragranced products, so I know it's not just a Missha thing. But, if the scent could even be diluted to half (or not at all, but completely understand other users may like the fragrance) I could see buying this over and over.

But, overall, really enjoyed this product! (Posted on 12/13/2016)
I use it every nightReview by MINJI
I use this every night before I go to sleep. I have dry, oily skin and this keeps it moisturized until morning. With the weather being so cold these days, I sleep with the heater on high, but this sleeping mask prevents my skin from getting dry. It doesn't cause any irritation either. I've used almost the whole tube, and I'll definitely be repurchasing. (Posted on 12/12/2016)
No DifferenceReview by inna
Love the scent and non-jar packaging of this mask, but that is about it. I have not noticed any difference whatsoever in the quality of my skin; but perhaps my skin is spoiled, because my husband loves this mask, and claims that he wakes up with beautifully moisturized skin. (Posted on 11/1/2016)

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