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m bb BOOMER benefits

Enhances adherence and extends wear of foundation

Aids in moisture retention

Treats wrinkles and evens skin tone

Imparts radiance

MISSHA's Dynamic Duo
Boomer + BB
How to

STEP 1: PRIME with M BB Boomer

Dispense desired amount of M BB Boomer
Smooth evenly over face using preferred method (fingertips, sponge, brush).
The more boomer you use, the more radiant your complexion will be!

M Perfect BB Cream

STEP 2: [ M Perfect BB Cream ] APPLY BB CREAM

Dispense desired amount of BB Cream
Smooth evenly over face using preferred method (fingertips, sponge, brush)
TIP: Mix BB Cream in a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio depending on the look you wish to achieve

M Magic Cusion

STEP 2: [ M Magic Cushion ] APPLY CUSHION

Using the included puff, lightly dab a small amount of product onto the puff
Gently pat product onto face
Repeat until desired level of coverage is achieved
TIP: Use the least amount of product necessary to maintain a lightweight texture.