Daily Sheet Mask (Green Tea/Soothing)

Daily Sheet Mask (Green Tea/Soothing)

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Daily Sheet Mask – Green Tea (Soothing) 1 Day 1 Pack Becomes Real Daily Sheet Mask Green Tea 33 Sheets A’PIEU Daily Sheet Mask – Green Tea (Soothing) Green Tea (Soothing) Same 1 Day 1 Pack but DIFFERENT Point 1 33 Sheets Use every day, lasts over a month Not 10 sheets, 20 sheets, 30 sheets *33 sheets* Even if used for everyday, you can use it for over a month Better deal than any other ordinary sheet mask Point 2 NO worries about hygiene Clean use with the pin set We use this on our face everyday, of course we need to consider cleanliness! The sheet masks are inside a mini pin set so you can use them in pristine condition every single day. Point 3 Plentiful Green Tea Extract Gentle Use All Day The skin drinks one cup of green tea The green tea’s effective ketakin ingredient effectively calms the skin We present to you a clean and healthy skin *Essence light green color is from the high amount of green tea extract Point 4 Different than other sheetmasks White Sleeping Tencel Material The tencel fiber from the eucalyptus tree and the tissues from the cotton together creates the sleeping tencel material It softly adheres to the skin with comfort


Everyday Use Sheet Mask Look into the Ingredients that are good for the skin Green Tea Extract Calms the skin and adds hydration Bamboo Extract Adds cooling, refreshing but pure care for the skin Aloe Vera Extract Care for soft and sensitive skin Tea Tree Leaf Extract Calms skin and helps tighten pores