Bubble Maker

Bubble Maker

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Facial cleanser bubble maker helps minimize skin trouble and irritation that can result from using hands to lather when washing face.
Bubble maker creates a smooth lather to gently cleanse the skin.
Can be used with cleansing foam, bar soap, gel, and powder.
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Cleansing foam whipping bubble maker create foams that are as smooth and rich as whipped cream MISSHA Bubble Maker Size: 75mm x 100m Material: Polyester, Polyurethane PRODUCT FEATURES Micro-bubble maker increases deep cleansing You can use any cleanser How to Use 1. Soak the bubble maker in water. 2. Pour the cleanser on the bubble maker and keep rubbing until there is enough foam. 3. Gather the foam from the maker and cleanse your face. *If the sponge inside the mesh changes color, replace it! (recommended for approximately 3 monthes) *Don’t directly rub the bubble maker on your face! *Don’t use too much force with the bubble maker!