Folding Eyebrow Trimmer

Folding Eyebrow Trimmer

Recommended for :
- Those who want to carry around an eyebrow knife for quick and easy fix-ups
- Those who want to carefully store their eyebrow knife by folding it

Fits right in your makeup pouch!
Foldable and easy to carry around, with a small blade that allows for precise eyebrow grooming.

- Folds in half for easy carry and quick fixes.
- Fixes eyebrows precisely without nicks.
- Finely and precisely fixes eyebrows with a small blade that fits to the female eyebrow width.


After carefully opening the closed knife with two hands, fix your eyebrows by moving the blade in a downward rubbing motion.
TIP 1: Use warm steam or moisture cream to soften the skin before use for a smoother shave
TIP 2: Shave lightly and avoid using force to prevent nicks

Precautions :
1. Use caution when using, as the blade is sharp.
2. Skin may be scraped if too much force is used
3. Place out of reach of children
4. Do not use for any other purpose than indicated.
5. Do not share with others
6. Do not use in a shaking environment
7. Do not use on skin that is cut or with conditions such as eczema or dermatitis
8. Fold and carefully store after use
9. Store at a temperature lower than 122°F