Secret Lash

Secret Lash

Recommended for : Those looking for a "your lashes, but longer and fuller" look Those looking for featherlight lashes that are comfortable enough for extended wear


MISSHA Secret Lash

Length: 9mm

Color: mix (black/brown)

Natural lashes as if they are your own!

Product Info

1. Like real lashes

Natural lashes that look real as if you were born with long beautiful eyelashes!

2. Like feathers

Light as a feather so your eyes don't get tired from wearing them all day!

Makeup Guide

Secret Lash

Beauty scissors


Eyelash curlerHow To Use

Step 1.

Use tweezers to remove the lashes from the package. Cut the edges of the lashes to fit your eye.

Tip: Cut the lashes in 3-4 pieces for easier application

Step 2.

Bend the lashes to fit your eyes. Apply glue onto the lashes and wait until the glue becomes almost transparent and tacky.

Step 3.

Use the tweezers to pick up the lashes and place it on your eyes starting from the center. Then use your fingers to pinch the fake lashes and your lashes together.

Step 4.

Use the eyelash curler to pinch the lashes together so both lashes will combine naturally. Finish off with mascara.